Friday, December 22, 2006

Party on Lan Kwai Fong

The most happening spot in Hong Kong has to be Lan Kwai Fong. This place is known world over to international travelers and ballers. It is not one of the cheapest places to hang out when you are on the island but it is a must see for any first time visitors. The area itself is situated in a grid of very steep streets cluttered with bars, shops, and even commercial offices on the upper floors. There is a constant bustle of people moving through the area day and night creating a very vivacious atmosphere. During the day you can watch tourists milling around the area as suited men and women weave around them trying to keep to their busy schedules. At night you can find locals and foreigners alike stumbling inebriated all over the streets, chasing tail.

The streets here are always well lit by the glow of florescent signage. With Christmas just around the corner the area was totally decked out with seasonal decorations. There were snowflakes, Christmas trees, and Santa’s all over the place. The energy in the air was far more festive than Indo or GZ. I also like the take LKF has on Christmas. In addition to the traditional décor, they also threw up a full range of mannequins dressed in trashy lingerie. These dolls were all over the place and a couple of them were even getting it on with Santa. I wonder what missus Clause would think about that. As for me, I fucking love it.

D’ Aguilar Street is a cool place to hang out in the area. It is directly parallel to LKF and I prefer the bars there. There are numerous happening clubs on the main road and the tributary alley ways. For even more variety you could venture up the hills into Soho. Pub hopping in this district is a great way to keep your booze level in check, with all the steep roads you have to climb and all.

My buddy Fufu took us to a secluded place she found. It was very discreet with no signage. It is just the kind of place I love. You really would have no idea this place was there unless you knew exactly where to go.

The lounge, which did not really have a name, was situated on the second floor of what seemed to be an apartment building directly behind a row of bars. The front door was a bit decorative but rather casual.

The interior was that of a gutted apartment decorated with classic furniture, wooden display cabinets, plush rugs, dark red walls, and even a fire place. It was pretty much like a large living room with 5 different sofa seating areas. I loved it. When we got there it was still early and quite empty but before long large groups began to move in. They had a decent bar with 2 bar tenders who also served drinks along with one girl and the bar owner, a well built charismatic black woman from California. Does it get better than that? A few more old friends joined us there with a few of their friends and soon after the stories began to flow.

I was still pretty fucked from the last night so we tried to take things slow. Most of the crowd teetered off by about 2am and only 3 of us remained standing. We decided to walk around and get a few more drinks, which became a few more, and then a few more. Pretty soon I lost count of not only how many drinks I had polished, but also how many I was currently consuming. I should have been dead at this point.

But the brothers were festive. It had been so long since Irafath, Ro, and I went on a bender that the positives vibrations alone were enough to keep me going. There is no way I was going to pass out while these 2 heroes were raising hell. Looking at this picture it does not make sense how Brother Ro actually keeps both those glasses balanced in his hand.

After a few hours of healthy debauchery we found ourselves at Ebeneezers Kebab and I tell you they have the most awesome shawarmas in the world! No night of clubbing in HK is complete without a couple of those puppies.

It must have been about 6am when we finally retreated to Fufu’s apartment which was conveniently located just around the corner from the clubs. By the time my body hit the couch I just seized. The next thing I remember is opening my eyes at some time around 3pm. I love reunions.

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