Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

To some people that Christmas feeling sparks up only when they read certain books, watch particular movies, or listen to Christmas carols. For me, sitting back and going through my collection of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons IS Christmas. Bill Watterston was an amazing cartoonist with a very unique approach to his art. During his career he constantly battled the establishment trying to keep his creation pure and same from commercial exploitation. And he succeeded. While you might remember seeing and still may come across numerous t-shirts, posters, and stuffed toys of Garfield and Snoopy, you will never see any official Calvin and Hobbes merchandise. Watterson never sold out and when he had enough of the scene just retreated to a small American town. The characters of Calvin and Hobbes are antagonists, deeply philosophical, and completely unique. Watterson manages with their help to generate a variety of situations ingeniously poking fun at human nature. The Calvin and Hobbes Christmas Collection is Christmas to me and there is a wonderful collection of the snowman cartoons you can check out here. Tonight it’s all about watching Turner Classic Movies. Have a Merry Christmas.


DNR said...

Thanks for the C&H links. The snowman series is one of my favorites.

Avi said...

No worries mate. I love the spaceman spiff series as well.