Thursday, December 28, 2006

Oh Captain, My Captain

My poison of choice has always been Jack Daniels, since as far back as I can remember. I think I might have started with the JD because J and D are the initials of my middle and last name. Or it could also have been successful marketing strategies by the Jack Daniels team putting the bottle in Guns ‘n’ Roses guitarists Slash’s hands while they were at the top of their game with “Use Your Illusions” and I was just getting interested in booze at the tender age of 15. Either way, it stuck. And as I have grown harder over the years, so has Jack. In fact he now comes in this full metal jacket. What is the purpose of this metal box? I just do not get it. I am a traditionalist and I believe (in most instances) that if something is good, don’t fuck with it. Yes the metal box is attractive but there is nothing I could use it for afterwards? No. And the bottle inside was just a regular bottle.

Although I do love Jack Daniels, I have to admit that after one too many nights of partying with him the taste can get a bit too sweet and monotonous. That is usually when I switch to Vodka, which is also my daytime drink. When the Jack and coke just stops getting you off it is always advisable to switch over to some screwdrivers of vodka tonics. The citrus mixes will shock the system a bit and right when you think your tolerance has peaked (which is not a good thing) you can start right back at the bottom again. I recently found this bottle of KAFKA VODKA at a supermarket here in China. It is locally distilled vodka fashioned in Russian style. I love the brand name and even the bottle although I think it looks a bit too much like the Absolute bottle, just squatter. I would like to say that Kafka is great tasting vodka but that truth is that I did not try it. It gave it to a friend as a Christmas gift. But not to worry, I have another bottle on hold. Also I wonder if the name has been officially licensed.

When neither Bourbon nor Vodka can scratch my itch I always return to the Captain. Yes, the Captain is ideal for hot afternoons on the beach, warm summer nights, and cool summer evenings. I will even dare to say on those dazed Sunday mornings. Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum goes great with all carbonated drinks, especially ginger ale. He also blends perfectly with any fruit smoothies creating magnificent cocktails. There is something about the flavor of spiced rum that makes me feel very tropical. I can sit here on my couch when it is about 9 degrees indoors with a glass of Captain Morgan neat in my hand, sip and feel like I am on Jamaica. And when you know you got a glass of Captain Morgan in your hand you can’t help but walk around the room like you have a sward strapped to your waist. It really just brings out the pirate in you.

I have found that excessive vodka drinking has caused some black outs for me and I build up a tolerance to Jack far too quickly, which usually leaves me broke and sober at the end of a heavy night. But as for the Captain, he sets me sailing on a night of adventures that guarantee to be LEGDENDAIRY! As my supply of booze slowly dwindles I wonder what I will have left to greet in the New Year.

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