Thursday, December 28, 2006

Where is Sixth Seal.Com

I have linked to Sixth Seal numerous times, a blog where the author PHB posts reviews on food, drinks, drugs, restaurants, drugs, taking a shit, drugs, medical challenges, and more drugs. Sixth Seal is one of the first blogs I started to read before I even knew what a blog was. I came across the site while doing some research on medication I was taking and PHB, the Malaysia based blogger, was kind enough to offer me guidance and advise. The young author, only 24 years old I believe, is an extremely talented individual. Throughout his trials and tribulations with narcotics, not only has he managed to hold down a promising job but also to maintain an inspiring and entertaining blog.

Some time last year or earlier this year, Sixth Seal which was already quite popular on the South East Asian blog circuit came directly into public view when a local Malaysian tabloid printed articles and pictures from his blog relating to drug use. They sited his video uploads and trip reports of shooting meth, chasing the dragon, and popping pills as being a negative influence on the public. This resulted in a criminal action lawsuit against Sixth Seal. As a blogger PHB did not really write about his personal life much but more about direct experiences so the details of the proceedings that followed were never really documented on Sixth Seal. But PHB did end up removing many pictures and posts from his blog although they were very educational for users and non-users alike and he also deleted his sister site Veritas that was dedicated to narcotic education.

PHB continued to blog, mostly about regular products and experiences but occasionally also some cryptic posts with drug references. The only really personal posts I can recall were regarding his addiction to drugs. As with any popular blog numerous people left comments and the discussions there became more and more volatile between readers who felt sympathetic towards PHB and others who felt he deserved what he was getting. Then there were the other jobless and brainless kids who would simply leave comments to flame and irritate. It was sad. PHB who had once responded to every comment on his blog personally now fell absent. The posts became irregular 2 months ago as he was admitted to the ICU for kidney failure and then again when he relapsed. Since last week the site does not even seem to exist anymore leaving many of us wondering, “Where is Sixth Seal?’.

It would be obvious to anyone who has visited Sixth Seal that PHB has influenced many of my posts. His style of writing is unique and oddly entertaining. He was never seeking to promote himself as a talented writer nor share any wild revelations he might have had with the rest of the world. To me it is clear that his blog was a release, be it creative or spiritual. One could go on and on about the significance of blogging but that is not necessary now. Although most bloggers have never met face to face, reading each others blogs day after day has surly given us the right to call one another friends. I do not know what has caused PHB to remove Sixth Seal but I can only hope that he is good health. I know that there are many other ‘friends’ he has made over the years who are also concerned and if anyone has any information please share it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I've been wondering the same thing. I've been following sixthseal for about a year and a half now and I check it every day. So I have been very concerned by the fact that his site has been offline for the past couple weeks. He really fucked himself up with that recent meth overdose and I think he is definitely dealing with more problems than he has written about on his blog. I can't even find anything indicating whether is still alive or not =(

If you find out anything about his situation please post it...

Shan said...

Hi Avi - one would assume that I'd know at least a little bit about his whereabouts considering that Kuching is just next door to KK but nope. Nada. Nothing. Not a word.

No one seems to know where he is or what is up. Maybe he just had enough of the blog? Things did seem to be getting a little out of hand, especially with him landing in hospital etc.

I guess we can only hope that whatever he's dealing with or wherever he is, that he's doing ok.

Avi said...

Its pretty sad. I really loked forward to his posts... It would be nice to know that he is alove and kicking though.

Anonymous said...

Dear All Concerned Readers of

PHB is alive and well. His father is taking good care of him now. He has just joined a big timber-based in Sibu, Sarawak.

Let's us all pray that he will get well soon.

Avi said...

thanks mate. thats good to know.

henry said...

i'm surprised that the disappearance of sixthseal didn't leave more waves.
i wondered where he went to but now i know.
here's hoping you feel better, HB!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure lots more have been missing him too they just want him back as much as we do. They just havent posted stuff.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering where killuminati went I hope he returns to someday so we can here about all his experiences again. :(