Monday, February 12, 2007

Sunrise – Cabernet Sauvignon – Chile

Last December I enjoyed the Fontera from Concha Y Toro, so last week I decided to give the Sunrise a shot. I have developed a fondness for Chilean wines recently and I am enjoying this little wine tasting adventure I have embarked on. There is a particular wine I am looking for so the search continues.

The Sunrise is described as having ‘bright red color with black cherry aromas. On the mouth it is elegant and well rounded’. Firstly I will say that in my opinion, the Fontera was a much better wine. I found it to have a lot more ‘body’ where as the Sunrise was a bit too this for my tastes. I also prefer wines with a strong flavor and I found this lacking. It could be because I am a heavy smoker and my taste buds are shot.

I would not go as far as to say that the Sunrise Cabernet Sauvignon is a bad wine. I mean after all it is from a reputable vineyard who also produced the Fontera, but for the price tag it carried I just felt it failed to deliver.

My old man had brought back a selection of cheeses from HK that we enjoyed with the wine. Amongst them was an aged Blue Cheese that really contrasted the flavors of the wine and I believe in turn accentuating them.

The cheese was great but its strong flavors would have been better suited to a stronger wine I think. It would have been great to continue this adventure here in Jakarta but I have returned home to find that Bali Deli has closed down. They had a much better selection and shopping atmosphere than Kem-Chicks, but I guess you gotta make do with what you got.

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