Thursday, March 15, 2007

Georges Duboeuf - Beaujolais Nouveau 2006

Apparently, on the 3rd Thursday of November, every year Georges Duboeuf and other French wineries release bottles of their first batch of wine under the label Beaujolais Nouveau, which means ‘new wine’ in French, I think. Wine enthusiasts all over the World eagerly await this release for a glimpse as what the year’s fruit have to offer.

As we know, I am not much of a coinsure myself, I am more of a lush. But my sister is very fond of this wine and for the second year through has secured a bottle for us to devour. Alas I wish I could say that I liked the wine, but in fact I never got to try it. I had it in my possession for over 2 weeks but never broke the seal.

Although this wine does not keep well, many say it is best drunk in the month of February. And because it is only released once a year it is a special bottle to keep in commemoration of a special year, maybe to celebrate a birth, or opening a new business. So we have next November to look forward to now. I have posted some more videos from the Java Jazz Festival 2007 on Indo Dreamin’.

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