Saturday, March 10, 2007


Well I am back in China and it is fucking cold, again. When I left it was warming up and now it is down to 10 degrees. I could swear that nature is against me. I took the advice a reader left on my blog and took a whole week off from blogging. I spent it on my couch mostly, watching Ugly Betty and Prison Break. I hardly even turned on my computer in that time and I must say it was bloody refreshing. Now I guess I should be all ready to put in some serious hours and kick some corporate ass, but I am not. The holiday does not wash off easy with Lux Spa Soap. I was seriously contemplating quitting smoking cigarettes about an hour ago but now I am thinking no. I was also going to cut down on the swill for a while but now I am longing for a cold beer. I have been a hedonist for too long and my body and mind refuses to be controlled. Guangzhou is boring; I hope I can stay out of trouble. You MUST check out KnowItNothing. Surri is finally blogging regularly again and his sneaker shop in Singapore should be opening soon. This is something I am really looking forward to.

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