Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sipahh Flavoring Straws

Sipahh Flavoring Straws have got to be one of the coolest products I have come across in a long time. My sister found them on her trip to New Zealand. When she told me she had straws that flavored milk as you drank from them, I could not wait to see what she was talking about.

She brought back 2 flavors, chocolate and strawberry. Apparently they had other flavors too like choco-mint, espresso, and even cookies ‘n’ cream. Sipahh is an Australian product with patents in HK, USA, Italy, UK, and Australia.

The packaging is very attractive and their mascot is a cartoon cow. I never get why the cow would be drinking her own milk. On the side of the box there are simple instructions printed regarding the usage of Sipahh Flavoring Straws. ‘Dip sipahh into a glass of milk, sip and say… Ahh!’ is their slogan. I guess that is how they got the name, although I think when you say the name out loud it is like saying ‘sipper’ in a an Aussie accent. Try it, Sipahh. Sipahh. Wikid mate.

Each straw is individually packed in a printed sachet. Although we got the 10 straw boxes I am sure they can be sold per piece next to check out counter for impulse purchasing. Each straw contains only ½ a teaspoon of sugar. I was pretty damn eager by this point to see how the straws work.

These goodies were actually for my nephews and not for me, so I could only crack into one straw so I went for the strawberry. As you can see this is a normal straw filled with dark pink and white pellets. The straw is sealed about ½ an inch away from each end with a small sieve. Some of the pellets were for the strawberry flavor and others for the sugar.

So I dropped my straw into a glass of cold milk. As the directions instructed I did not let it sit too long before starting to slurp it up. The fine print also called for adult supervision so I asked my mom to sit by me. She was wondering why I was taking pictures of this straw so intently so I told her it was work related. She can not find out what a freak her son really is. I was fascinated however to find that Sipahh Flavoring Straws are made by a company who specialize in manufacturing straws and not an additive company like Milo or Nesquick.

Down to the actual taste of the Sipahh, I was not too happy. The first half of the glass was full of flavor and at some points too sweet. When about half of the pellets had dissolved the taste was well balanced for me and by the end I was drinking plain milk. As far as a gimmick goes I think this product is awesome. I could totally see Nestle packaging some of their products like this. Smaller packaging creates faster sales and these appeal to the direct consumers, kids. They loved it. The chocolate flavor was a lot better too. I would love to see Milo Sipahh Straws on the store shelves. Cheers.

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