Monday, March 12, 2007

Hawkes Bay Merlot Cabernet 2004 – Morton Estate

Apart from the ‘Sipahh’s , my sister also brought back some Kiwi wine from Auckland. I have never tried New Zealand wine before so I was quite eager to get my cork screw in to this. The wine she selected was Hawkes Bay Merlot Cabernet from the Morton Estate. I am fonder of merlots myself but we all know that I will drink anything that burns really.

The label did not give me much insight regarding what I should or could expect from the wine so I was forced to adopt an open minded policy. When it comes to wine I would rather have some idea of what I am getting into, then I can bitch about how incorrect or pretentious the label is. Forming my own opinions requires way too much effort.

To accompany the wine my sister also brought in some New Zealand cold cuts. This was a step in the right direction because the Kiwi wine should be partnered with Kiwi meat. The meat was all beef and not pork. Most cold cuts I consume are pig derived; I guess that port aint too popular in New Zealand. Maybe they don’t get along with the sheep. The cold cuts were not fantastic but they did the job.

In addition to that she also gifted us a hearty selection of cheeses. I would never carry this much food on a plane for anyone, including myself. I have to give her props for this. The range of cheeses available in Auckland is pretty mind blowing. We had some pepper cheeses, a sun dried tomato cheese, and even flavored humus.

So although the accompaniments were spot on, I can not really say much for the wine. I was expecting something a lot bolder from New Zealand but this was just exceptionally dray and flat with no mellow nutty or fruity flavors. Actually I don’t know what the hell that last part means, but this wine just was not for me.

Check out Indo Dreamin’ for the video related to the gourmet burgers post. I will also try and throw up some clips from the Jazz festival tonight. It has been more that 48 hours now since my last cigarette and I am feeling pangs. It is much harder coping with not smoking at work but I can pull this off. It is probably going to be a continual effort not to smoke until my mind and body is convinced I am not a smoker. I feel like if I did not keep focused I could just light up a stick without realizing it. I got to change the habit. I do not really want to quit smoking at all and now I am doing it just because I blurted it out in front of a few people and I got to stick with this because I hate to loose face. The real motivation however was my nephews, they kept hounding me to stop or else I would die before their weddings. I could still get shot or hit by a truck first but who is gonna explain that to a 4 year old. Ah well. It’s a filthy habit anyways and it feels kind of cool to say I don’t smoke. I have been smoking since I was 13, now is a good a time as any to move on I guess. But if I ever try to quit the bottle all together please bitch slap me.

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