Friday, March 30, 2007

THINK - Guangzhou

There is a new spot that has opened up in Guangzhou called THINK. Located behind the Metro Paradise building on Tian He, it has a very alluring exterior. It is not directly on the main road where it will pull in a huge crowd but rather just on the off street, set to the side behind a row of plush trees. THINK is actually a row of about 3 or 4 establishments that include a beauty salon, a boutique, and a lounge bar. Each of the shops has a funky name associated with the THINK brand but I do not remember all of them. The lounge is called COZY.

I had walked by this place and checked it out a few months ago and was actually very impressed by the design. It all seemed very well thought out and executed with attention to detail and quality in mind. It is too often we see great ideas go to waste when proprietors to cut back on costs so thankfully it seems the investors at THINK Guangzhou did not hold back on achieving their vision at all. Unfortunately though, the place was empty. It was sad to see such an effort gone to waste the night I was there, but it seemed the location just did not suit the design. Tian He is more of a residential area as opposed to a clubbing area, although I really liked having this place so close to where I live. Last Friday I was chillin at a bar with some mates when we heard about a party going off at THINK. I was pretty stoked that I was not only knew where it was but had already been there. We all geared up to make our way over there and check it out.

‘Comrades’ was closed for ‘renovations’ so most of the small crowds I have come to know in GZ were at the THINK party. I am beginning to believe that most of the good parties here are organized by the usual suspects and move between the regular bars.

Probably one of the most outstanding features in THINK is the rainbow room. And it is not so much of a rainbow room as much as a rainbow section of the club. Also is the main area with seating in the club. It is like a tunnel of cool lights that continuously change color.

You might think the rainbow wall is kind of cheesy but it not some kind 70’s mosaic design. Rather it is an eclectic leopard like print that shifts shades in a very chameleon like fashion. Very trippy…

The seating is also quite unique. There are 2 areas with ordinary plush red sofas but they also have a couple of these large circular couches that are a sparkly red color. The lounge also offers foot massages to their clients here. Now you have got to admit that is pretty cool. I have never had a foot massage in a club before.

On top of all this there is also a dance floor, granted it was not too big. The DJ was another usual suspect and the music was off the hook. They played RNB for a while and then after about 2 am they slipped into some more hardcore dance music. All very original though.

On another side of the room they had an artist painting a picture. His artwork was also projecting onto a slide show screen. His is Lies and he is a French dude living in Hong Kong I think. He was more than approachable and willing to talk about his work. A friend of mine even commissioned him there and then to paint a mural for him. I hope to put up a picture of that at some later date. Work has already started on it. I like his style of the silhouette stuff and have been looking for some tattoo designs like that. After looking at more of his work I might ask him to design something for me. I am really eager to get some new ink.

I was not really expecting to do much that evening when I went out but the night turned out to be a whole lot of fun. I find that is most often the case when you venture out with no expectations. I linked up with this couple that met me through my blog. Aloha Wong and Lu! They were awesome and I have a feeling they will be appearing on this blog a lot more in the future. Until they get bored of me of course. Wong has promised to take me for some sriously underground grub.

The rest of the night was a trip. I must have been there till about 4 am but I was walking distance from my apartment so I did not mind. Things got very questionable after a certain point.

Last Saturday was off the hook, once again thanks to awesome company. I had not had that much fun in ages. It is going to be hard to surpass the good times but it is Friday again and we are going to have to try. Have a splendid weekend boys and girls.

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