Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hisense Anyview 37” LCD TV

Technology moves at an alarming rate these days. Just as I was getting ready to buy a plasma flat screen TV, I hear they are no good and I have to go for an LCD. As much as I love funky new gadgets and electronics, I am too fucking lazy to do any research about what I am going to buy. I will spend hour’s looking up hotels and villas for my vacations but when it comes to shit I am going to utilize on a long term basis like cars, electronics, or cell phones I just can’t be bothered. I’ll ask a few of my tech savvy friends for some input then pick up the closest thing I can afford. So armed with close to no back up information I set out to buy an LCD TV for my apartment. I went with the Hinsense Anyview.

Hisense is a local Chinese brand but they use the same components as LG. I have never seen the point of paying 30% more for branded electronics when I have seen with my own eyes how the parts all come from the exact same place. Hisense have been participating in the Canton Fair both times I visited and their brand seems extremely reliable. Plus being a local brand they had 37” TVs in stock, most international brands do not make the 37”, they only make 32”, 42”, and other sizes. The 37” was right in my price range. I picked it up at an electronics store close to where I live so the guys came over to hook it up last Friday.

This is a good thing too because the whole deal was set in Chinese. After they did all the tech stuff I did manage to get them to put the settings into English for me.

The Hisense Anyview 37” TV is equipped with 3 separate AV inputs, 2 extra component inputs, a computer input, and some funky HD1 thing. I have no idea what that is. For a couple of hundred dollars more I could have got the model with an SD memory card reader in built as well. But what do I need that for?

The Hisense Anyview also sports the features 1080P/1080i/720P. For all I know this could mean it has an inbuilt jet engine. But my mate who deals in electronics told me not to go for anything less than 1080P. I am assuming this has something to do with the picture quality.

The controls on the TV and remote control are not user friendly at all! They might be friendly to people who read Chinese, but not me. As I mentioned before, I have hot the on screen functions to work in English but I do not know how to get them on an off the screen. For now it is still a trial and error process.

I paid a flat price of $1000 for the unit which included a PHILIPS DVD player and a set of wireless head phones. They were actually ‘free’ but if that was the case then I would not have to pay a thousand for the TV in order to get them.

I have not tried the head phones out yet but they are light and seem comfortable. They could come in useful when you do not want to disturb your family or neighbors while watching movies late at night. Or you could use them when you want to watch porn with the volume way up high. Even when you live alone in an apartment that is not a luxury you can afford because your neighbors will know you are a perv. I got some traditional Indian families living on both sides of my place. I could just imagine their faces walking by my door hearing women scream, ‘FUCK ME HARDER’!!!

I have been using the TV now for over a week and I pretty happy with it. I have not had the opportunity or reason to try out the head phones yet. I watched Casablanca this weekend and I must say the image was superb. I have seen the film a number of times on my normal TV and I never appreciated the black and white this much. The clarity of local and cable TV is still pretty shitty though. As for the sound, no complaints whatsoever and the speakers are well suited to the sleek design of the TV.

It really makes a difference watching movies on an LCD TV and this was a great investment. I am looking forward to many long nights and days ahead of me to be spread out on my couch drinking cold beers and watching episode after episode of Heroes. Yes, it is the simple things in life…

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