Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Pain does not accurately describe the sensation I am experiencing at the moment. I favor the term agony, or torture. Since last week I have been having a toothache on the last tooth in the lower left side of my jaw. It is a fucking tragedy waiting to happen. The tooth in question is right next to an empty spot where I had a botched root canal 15 years ago. It was botched because I stopped going half way through the process and ended up having to get the sucker extracted while I was in Ghana. Not a pleasant experience I tell you. So now this fucking tooth is asking for trouble sending stabbing pains through my jaw, up to my ear, and around the back of my head, every time I bite on some food. Why don’t I go to a dentist? I am shit scared of all doctors. Well not scared really hut I just hate the medical experiences. And dentists are the worst. I can’t stand sitting there with my moth open while some stranger probes around in my oral cavity. I feel so violated. So as if that was not enough I also started to develop some growth on the edge of my already receding hairline. It was not a pimple but some bump that has caused my whole head to throb, constantly. And now as if that AND that was not enough, I think the cuticle on my right ‘fuck you’ finger is infected. I am a nail biter but this is the first time something like this has happened and it is killing me! The whole top of my finger is swollen and the nail feels like it is gonna pop off. You can not even begin to imagine how uncomfortable it is to type right now. Every time my finger brushes against the keyboard it feels like it is being struck by a hammer. In a way its good because now my head and tooth don’t hurt so much, the area on my finger has distracted the concentration of all my pain receptors. Plus I am hoping that my brain is manufacturing extra dopamine which should give me a natural high. Fuck you cosmic karma!!! All I am trying to do is get clean and stay clean but you just got to make it that much harder for me. I am so tempted to pop a few pills and half a bottle of JD before taking a paper cutter to the bump on my finger. If I don’t let some of that juice out my nail is going to pop off for sure. I can’t sleep at night because of this bull shit. If I do perform any home surgery I will make sure to film it for you. In the meantime check out INDODREAMIN.COM

I should also mention that Texas Hold’em last night in Guangzhou was great. I invited my buddy Wong aka Mr. Yi to join us. My game did not fare so well but Mr. Yi walked away at the end of the night the winner. That’s right, he was the only local brother at the game and he kicked a whole lot of expat ass!! Way to go man. Dinner is on you this weekend, at the Monopoly restaurant of course, as we do not play with real money.

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