Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nokia N95 – N Series

The last 2 weeks have been really busy to say the least. But now there is a 3 day weekend here in GZ, so I hope to spend some quality time catching up my blog reading, writing some posts, and watching shit loads of TV. So my boys Manny and Doc gifted me the Nokia N095 phone last week. I have had some time to use it and figure out some of its features by now. And let me tell you, this puppy is OFF THE HOOK! I have been using an out of date Nokia - I don’t know what - for god knows how long now. And although I have lost more than 10 phones in the last 4 years, I had managed to hold on to that old piece of crap for about 2 years. So a new phone was justifiable if not essential.

The Nokia N95 comes packed in a sleek box with pictures of people all over the front of it, using the Nokia N95. Considering Nokia’s catchphrase is ‘connecting people’ I find the design quite fitting. A picture of the phone is on the bottom left corner of the box and that looks a bit more elegant than having it plastered in the middle of the front cover. Once you flip open the front cover you get a clear view of the N95, and it is a sharp looking phone. The smooth edges and large display screen scream NEW, FUTURISTIC, and FRESH. The print in the bottom right hand corner reads, ‘Here is your new Nokia N95. We have included everything you’ll need to get you going. Now you can really start to explore the Nokia N Series’.

They were not kidding. Once you peal away the cover you reveal a whole variety of accessories and gadgets that have been packaged around the handset. The inside of the cardboard packaging however was all white while the outside was splashed with pictures and colors. I think most designers can take a lesson from Apple here. Their packaging for the ipod is magnificent. Their themes follow through from the outside of the product to the smallest detail of the packaging within, not to mention the product design itself. I felt that Nokia could afford to work harder on this aspect, and it would hardly factor on the price. The finishing here looked way too factory for me. When unpacking a product like this that costs as much as this does (I still do not know how much that is) I want to have that DAAAMMMNN factor. I want to open up each piece one by one marveling the ingenuity of its design and function.

If what you saw after taking off the first layer of packaging was not enough to tickle your balls, then you would be thrilled to find a second compartment of gizmo’s and accessories tucked underneath the first tier. I don’t know if this is an element in their design but once again I think they could be a lot more creative. Both tiers were made of a thin black plastic sheet. Also each component did not have its own compartment but rather they were packed in individual clear plastic and stuffed in together. This compartment also houses a thick envelope containing all the user manuals, information guides, and the CD software package. I think if Nokia is out to sell an experience and not just a product with N95, they have fallen short of their goal. The user guide is boring! The colors are drab and the photos and layout are monotonous. There was a great variety of stuff in this package but they manner in which it was presented just did not maximize on the variety and quality of the products they were offering.

The package included 1 Nokia N95 handset, 1 set of ear phones, 1 earphones remote control attachment, 1 envelope containing user guide and free software, 1 USB cable, 1 good quality RBG AV transfer cable, 1 mass storage 1GB card, 1 mass storage adaptor for SD, 1 hard cover casing for handset, 1 Nokia N Series charger, 1 battery, and a plastic sticker thing to cover the screen with. Now that you have to admit is quite a load of merchandise. I am not sure if the packages they sell in Europe or the US will have all this stuff on board. They tend to demand money for every little accessory out there whereas here in Asia we get pretty decent packages. If you don’t like it, move.

I have been using this phone for almost a week now and as I said before, it is fucking awesome. I am not a very tech savvy guy, mostly because I am lazy, but the N95 has just brought me into the new century. I theoretically know all about blue tooth technology and WIFI and I have heard people talking about a variety of mobile services available in the world today but I have never bothered learning more about it, let alone utilizing any of these services. But using the N95 I have already managed to surf the web from my phone in malls and restaurants, not just my home. I have also set up my email so not only can I access my server from the internet service on the phone but I can automatically download the headers of mail in my inbox and handle any urgent emails I have while on the move!!! All this just as easily as receiving SMS, fucking mind blowing I tell you. The software package that comes with the N95 also contains some kick ass software that allows me to synchronize all the info on the Outlook program on my computer with the information on my phone. I like the fact that it is not as complicated as having a phone that runs on a windows platform, so essentially this is still a phone and not a palm top, but at the same time I can take care of work while I am on the go. (These 2 pictures were taken with the N95)

On the fun side the Nokia N95 is loaded with a 5 megapixel camera! Manny and Doc know how much time and effort I put into blogging and that is why they chose this phone for me. Now as long as I have my phone in hand, no blog worthy situation can evade me. It obviously does not work as fast as a normal camera but the picture quality is quite amazing. I have also shot a few video clips that I will upload later this week and they are as good as, if not better than the ones I shoot with my Canons and Sony. So I now officially have a new camera in my collection. There are loads of other functions on the phone that I have yet to discover and utilize. I know I can load it up with music but I would rather leave space free for pictures. There are some cool games with surprisingly good graphics, IM services, office applications, and a whole lot of other shit I can not begin to fathom. Overall, the Nokia N95 is all good with me. I have never been a fan of fancy phones but I can see the features of this phone becoming essential to my lifestyle. It may not be so fantastic to become dependant on electronics but if I can use technology to make myself more productive and profitable, why the fuck not. But I tell you this, you will not see me carrying this on any of my off road adventures. This is strictly for city use.

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