Thursday, May 03, 2007

CLIMAX – Vibrating Ring & Condom

The C-Stores and Seven-Elevens here in Guangzhou sell a HUGE variety of condoms, lubricants, and pregnancy preventative products. They carry a variety of flavored condoms, the new range of Durex ‘Play’ products, and even a hefty selection of local branded mail and female protection. In a city of over 20 million people where it is against the law to have more than one baby, you can imagine how profitable the contraceptive business must be here. In the Seven0Eleven close to my office I noticed a product that I have not seen in any of the other outlets. I have been temped to pick it up for a while now but always felt a bit scared, till now. I finally purchased the CLIMAX Vibrating Ring & Condom set.

I know Durex manufactures a similar product but I have never been fortunate enough to sample it. This brand CLIMAX however looks local to me. Most of the print on the box is in Chinese but you have to admit the packaging is quite attractive. The cardboard is at least 3 GSM, not in the least bit flimsy and the pink hues really pop. As if that was not enough to grab the attention of shoppers the box also boasts silver and gold sparkling features. As this product is places right next to the cash register it is hard not to notice the CLIMAX Vibrating Ring & Condom while checking out.

The package contains everything a normal person would need to have safe sex at least once. There is a strawberry flavored condom, 2 product manuals (both in Chinese so I had to figure out how to use it on my own), and a small pink sachet containing the Vibrating Ring.

The vibrating ring is constructed of thick pink latex formed into a ring and molded around a small metal vibrator at the top of it. One end of the metal vibrator is exposed. There are also two small batteries also enveloped in pink latex with one end exposed. The vibrator goes on as soon as the battery is inserted into the vibrator. As there are two batteries I am figuring you can use this contraption at least 2 times or for one ‘Sting Session’. I call it that because Sting claims to have had 18 hours of tantric sex with his wife. Yeah right!

The pink latex molded around the vibrating nub on the ring is formed into a sort of massage tool. It has little projections around a large projection that cause quite a bit of friction when you rub against it. I am assuming the ring can be worn on the penis with the vibrator on the top so it presses against the clitoris during intercourse. Here is a short video I made of the CLIMAX Vibrator Ring at work. Relax; I only tested it on my hand.

All in all I would say the CLIMAX Vibrator Ring is a pretty cool sex toy that comes for less than 5 bucks. It is ideal for those new couples looking to experiment a little bit but not yet prepared to go out and buy a 7” dildo or a set of crystal butt plugs. I will add however that this product is made for men of medium girth. If you have a fat dick this puppy might cut off some of that circulation. But then again that might be a good thing for those of you who like the whole cock ring experience. I have no willing guinea pigs here to help me give the CLIMAX Vibrating Ring a real run for its money so I can give you a truly conclusive review so if any of you have tried this product, let me know how it feels.

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