Thursday, May 17, 2007

Paying Plum Candies – The Traditional Taste

Yesterday evening on my way home from work I stopped in at the 7-11 to pick up some mixers. It was Wednesday and I had not touched the bottle all week so I figured I deserved to kickback with a glass of JD coke and watch the Idols. Which I should add has become extremely idiotic. At the beginning of this season I was telling Shan about how much integrity the show actually had and how it is all about music. This season just turned around and punched me in the jaw. It’s become a fucking joke I tell you. Anyways, I have vowed never to write about that shit. So while hooking up my mixers I saw this bag of ‘Paying Plum Candies’ on special offer right by the cash register. In the corner shops here in GZ they rotate the special offer products quite regularly and they always have merchandise for impulse purchases right beside the register, be it toys, candies, or magazines. I am a totally sucker for these things. I can never just walk into ma shop, get what I need, and walk out. If there is something lingering by the register I just have to start fiddling with it and eventually buy it. I even bought a Chinese tabloid once which prompted some suspicion amongst my fellow shoppers. So this time I noticed the candy. The catch phrase on the packaging of the ‘Paying Plum Candies’ reads, ‘Hey, So delicious, Let us try it fast’. How could I resist this genius marketing? I had to have them, and try them fast! I must add though that the packaging is quite eye catching. It is not bright colored or glossy, in fact to the contrary it is quite dull with a matt finish and dark coloring, but somehow it is still attractive and appealing to me, in some morbid way I suppose. I am not even particularly fond of plums but I found the probability of consuming a ‘Paying Plum Candy’ to be quite mouth watering. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was happy hour and I was allowed to purchase my second package for only 2 RMB! I waited until after dinner to indulge in my latest investment. It has been quite a while since I have treated myself to anything so I was actually quite excited. I broke open the master package allowing numerous little sachets of candy to spill over my table. As I pealed one open I was quite disappointed with the size. These suckers are tiny. But as my ex-girlfriend used to say, it is not the size of the bout but the motion of the ocean that counts. Keeping that in mind I popped the little bastard into my mouth and began to suck… The first thing I noticed is that this candy tastes nothing like a plum. Or maybe I do not remember what a plum tastes like. But I do not remember it tasting anything like this. The initial flavor is sweet followed by a slightly tangy taste on the back of the tongue, which was slightly pleasurable. However the flavor of the candy stays the same throughout its short lifetime. These days candies have coatings with different flavors so they can continuously arouse the pallet but the ‘Paying Plum Candy’ was surprisingly flat and monotonous. I was hoping for at least a burst of some juice in my mouth after sucking through the outer shell. I little treat to satisfy my efforts but there was nothing. All I was left with was a bitter taste in my mouth. It is 2007 for god’s sakes. Our senses have been overwhelmed by a barrage of information that is flying at us everyday from various media sources across the board. You can not launch a single flavored candy and expect to blow people away! The same way that you could not make a splash with a plain milk chocolate bar. So although the ‘Paying Plum Candy’ is appetizing, its falls far short of leaving any lasting impression with this consumer.

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