Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Senses Steak House & Bar - Guangzhou

Senses Steak House and Bar is located across the street from IKEA and just up the road from the East Railway Station in Guangzhou. That is the one with the trains to Hong Kong. It has been open for about a year now and is quite popular amongst the expatriates here. The proprietor Sean, a Canadian, has been quite aggressive with his marketing and keeps rolling out competitively priced lunch and dinner promotions. Their menu constitutes of mostly American and Continental dishes with a few flamboyant local specialties lingering in between. Servings of the dishes are also typically American and very large. On the beverages, they have an even larger variety of cocktails and mixed drinks to offer. In fact Senses boasts 2 bars on their premises. One long bar on an elevated area close to the front entrance and a second large circular bar in the back of the bar where there is a dance floor and less formal seating. The décor a Senses has also been well thought out and planned. I believe the owner went in with a clear idea of what he wanted, unfortunately it does not seem to have struck the right cord with locals. I have been to a few hot parties at Senses where the place was packed, and I even spent New Years there, but overall I see the place quite empty. They have managed to keep it from becoming run down thankfully, but there is no energy flowing through the place. I can’t seem to figure out what is missing in their equation. The location is prime, décor better than most places in GZ, the prices are a bit on the high side but there are regular promotions which as I said before are competitive. Personally I do not go there because the Jack is way too expensive and the crowd just does not warrant it. I mean if the music was off the hook and the crowd really hot then I might pay 3 times the price for a normal drink, but at the moment they just don’t have it.

So why do I bother writing about them? Because they have the best fucking breakfast in town, unless of course you are in the mood for dimsum. For only 38 RMB (less than $5) you can get a full American breakfast, and I mean quality shit. I have been there 2 Sunday afternoons in a row and we were the only people there. The breakfast consists of sausages, mushrooms, potatoes, grilled tomato, bacon, eggs, baked beans, and toast! There is nothing better to kill a hangover than 1 big ass American breakfast, 1 cold beer, and a spicy Bloody Mary, yes they make an awesome Bloody Mary too. If you are looking to have a quality American breakfast in Guangzhou for a fair price the make your way to Senses Steak House and Bar across the road from IKEA near Tian He. This is NOT a sponsored post! And I got a question, when I drink a Bloody Mary for breakfast I call it ‘breakfast of champions’ and some person called it ‘hair of the dog’. What the fuck does that mean and how did it come about?

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