Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Daddy is Home

Yes, my Dad just came back to GZ after being away for over a month. I got to say that one of the best parts about being in China is being able to spend quality time with my old man. For quite a few years, pretty much since I went to boarding school we lost whatever bond we had and for years after we never seemed to reconnect. But over the last year I have really started to appreciate spending time with my Dad and all the things that once bugged me about him have become the little quirks that I love and know that I will one day come to miss. I guess this is just another one of those things that has come with growing up. So the old man knows me well, he showed up yesterday with a bad load of goodies for me. Check out this selection of biscuits and chocolates.

And to boot, he totally loaded our refrigerator. As you can see there was absolutely nothing in there till today. All the shelves were bare. It must have been such a pain in the ass to carry all this shit. I would not even do this for myself but he brought in a huge variety of cheese, olives, and cold cuts. I would have liked some good books or even some electronic gadgets but he knew that cheese and cold cuts would rock my world. I am such a foodie.

So even though today is mother’s day I think we should give a shout out to all the fathers as well. Dads in my opinion are really underappreciated. There are all these songs about mothers like Tupacs ‘Dear Mama’, Genisis ‘Mama’, and Kanye’s ‘Hey Mama’. But what about the fathers? All they got was ‘Papa was a Rollin Stone’. They make the biggest sacrifices for their families and hardly get shown any love at all. It is just expected of us as men. It is not easy being a man, being responsible for your whole family, and being a stand up role model. So props to all the fathers out there. Keep up the good work and take care of your kids. What is your fondest memory of your Dad?

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