Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tiger Prawn Vietnamese Restaurant – Guangzhou

Last week while wandering aimlessly around Beijing Lu in Guangzhou, looking for something to eat, we came across the Tiger Prawn Vietnamese Restaurant. There were a few Vietnamese places on the same street but somehow this place seemed a bit more airy with its large front windows. It was already pretty late, 10pm, but the owner of restaurant agreed to serve us. Turns out she is a Chinese lady who spent many years in Melbourne and only recently moved back to China to open up this place.

She was extremely friendly and helped us order a HUGE variety of food. But before anyone could feed their hunger, I had to feed my thirst. The lady offered me a large bottle of Hanoi Vodka. I had never tasted this or even heard of this vodka before. It was decent though and did not have a nasty after taste. In fact it was pretty tasteless but it did the job.

The food, it was off the hook. The proprietor of Tiger Prawn guided us through her generous menu and helped us pick a range of succulent dishes. We got to sample a little bit of every flavor. I must let these pictures speak for themselves.

I am not kidding when I tell you that this was one of the best of not THE BEST Vietnamese meals I have ever had. The fact that we were starving when we went in did take us a long way, but just the overall experience was overwhelming. The service was fast and the staff extremely friendly and helpful. It always feels good when you have the owner of an establishment pay special attention to the customers as well. It just proves to me that they put pride in their food. The Tiger Prawn Vietnamese Restaurant is not so difficult to find. You go all the way to the bottom end of Beijing Lu and take a right. Keep going up that street and you should see the restaurant on your left about 100 meters up the road. I do complement a lot of restaurants because there is very little that I do not like when it comes to food, but this place is especially awesome. You MUST try it out if you like Vietnamese food. And they serve up a wikid chilli paste mix as well. Try the baby fried squid too, it just melt in your mouth.

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