Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Why is it that Paris Hilton finally gets sentenced to serve prison time, then manages to get the verdict cut short, gets moved to a nicer prison, and finally managed to even get her own personal cell? What are they going to give her a personal chef and fitness trainer while she is in there too? She probably has a PC, TV, and satellite system hooked up already. And people say Indonesia is corrupt. At least they are not living in a fools paradise doped up on illusions of a ‘holier than thou’ democracy. FUCK THAT!

Prison Break was a kick ass series about a guy with a bad ass tattoo that was a cryptic blue print of a prison he helped design, who intentionally got thrown in the slammer so he could help his brother escape, using the bad ass tattoo of course. What happened? They got out of the prison over 2 seasons ago so the whole premise of the awesome body suit tattoo was rendered useless by the start of the second season. Now I hear that Michael is stuck in a prison in Panama? Did he have a back up plan for that scenario too? And what is with the constantly perturbed look he has on his face? This actor has no damned range. FUCK THAT!

The media made a complete mockery of Anna Nicole Smiths death, which is fine because she made a mockery of her life while she was alive, but the circus that surrounded the custody battle for her kid was bloody shameless. Everyone wanted a piece of this kid that is one day going to be a goldmine, and the media just played into the exploitation. No one got up and stated just how sickening the whole affair was. Just another example of what a pathetic state the human race is in. And the only one that will suffer at the end of it all is this kid. I remember when she was a model for GUESS I had posters of her all over my room. She seemed so classy, and then she had to go open her mouth on TV. ANS should have stuck to still images. FUCK THAT!

MTV used to be a show about music, for people to hear about break though bands, and be exposed to new songs by new and old artists. Now it is just a reality TV channel with shows like ‘I Bet You Will’ and ‘Pimp My Ride UK Edition’. Some body needs to tell Tim Westwood that he is an English White Boy and not matter how many times he says ‘DOG’ he will never come off as a rapper! That guy is such a wanna be black rapper, it just kills me! And American college kids, I have no hope for your future. What are these kids thinking eating 30 pounds of mayonnaise for $20? How much did that college education cost? And it is so obvious that when MTV does find the time to play a few tracks they pump the same commercial videos over and over again, its SELL-AVISION man. FUCK THAT!

George Bush is in Eastern Europe talking about how the Cold War is over while he sets up missile bases which of course makes people think the Cold War is NOT over. More money that could go to saving the planet, feeding starving people, or putting an end to violence in countries that have no natural resources is rather going to be spent on more weapons, bombs, trucks, and technology that will fatten the pockets of GWB cronies. The fact that this bumbling idiot has manage to serve 2 terms as President and Commander in Chief of the most powerful and influential country in the world is clear evidence that there is no such thing as democracy. The American elections are as corrupt as the Nigerian ones. FUCK THAT!

Every time I see a musician on TV wearing 200 thousand dollar necklaces, leaning against his Bentley, with his hand on a 6ft tall blonde chick’s ass, bitching about how kids downloading his music are stealing money from his pocket, I want to jump inside my TV and rip his teeth out one by bloody one. First o0f all you seem to be making more than enough money anyways since that is all you are singing about. Make an album with more than one good track on it and maybe people will by buy it, till then don’t even call yourself an ‘artist’. FUCK THAT!

I could go on about shit like this forever but I am too busy sitting here on my big fat capitalist ass, trying to make enough money so I can run off to a tropical island and think even less about how sick the world makes me and how sick I make myself. But it is Wednesday and without remorse I can once again stick a bottle in my mouth and sedate my senses. Cheers, have an awesome week.

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