Friday, June 15, 2007

KIN - Grand Opening

I have mentioned my buddy Surri a number of times on this blog, and I have also pimped his blog. It used to be called ‘Surri's $0.03’ but now its called ‘The KIN Report’. You see he invested all his money in this new business in Singapore so now he can not even afford $0.03!!! I still got the link in my side bar. He has always had a clear vision of his goals in terms of the type of business he wanted to start. And over the last year he has been taking all the necessary steps to get himself there. I have been following his journey on his blog as he has acquired space, merchandise, and worked tirelessly to make his dream into a reality. The shop is now OPEN and there will we a grand opening on the 23rd of June, 2007.

"Know It Nothing is a project that draws sustenance and inspiration from its historic surroundings, its culture and community, and in turn provides new perceptions and thinking in design and lifestyle. It was realized to reject the notion that design and culture has become all too familiar now. The solution was to use the space as a platform to merge various cultural influences in hope of creating a thought provoking concept.

Know it Nothing is part of the historic neighborhood of Kampong Glam. Located at Haji Lane, it stocks men’s clothing labels, apparel and other lifestyle products. The main floor houses clothing and accessories. The second floor is devoted to footwear that also functions as a gallery space.

Our current display of work focuses on Mixed Martial Arts and Submission Fighting."

If you are in Singapore take the time to check it out for an experience off the beaten track, on 51 Haji Lane. The blog has now become sort of a journal about running the business and he also utilizes the medium to expose us to some of the cool music and fashion that’s out there. Surri has a keen eye I am excited to see what he chooses to showcase in the coming months. You can also check out their official website for more information about KIN and their merchandise. Good luck with your opening mate, I am sorry I cant be there but I am positive it will be awesome.

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