Monday, June 11, 2007

Pearl Jam Parody

Coming up with a name for your band is serious business. If you make it, this is what you will go down in history as. ‘The Doors’ in my opinion have the best thought out name in rock history. They coined their name after the quote by William Blake, ‘If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.’ This quote was also referenced by Aldus Huxley in the preface of his book ‘The Doors of Perception’ which was about peyote/LSD. ‘Led Zeppelin’ on the other hand came up with their name when one of the members commented that if they ever put together a band it might go down like a lead zeppelin. Their promoter later feared that the name might be pronounced as LEED instead of LED so he changed the spelling. It worked out pretty well for them I think. The stupidest band name I can think of with relativity to the bands fame has to be ‘The Beatles’. That is such a fucking stupid name and I am positive they knew it too. And when they skyrocketed to fame it probably bugged the fuck out of Lennon that he would always be known as a ‘Beatle’. They apparently came up with the name ‘The Beetles’ inspired by ‘Buddy Holly and the Crickets’ then opted to change the ‘Beet’ to ‘Beat’ as a musical play on words, like a drum beat. Must have been funny at the time but I am sure they did not realize they were going to make rock history. In more recent times one of the more notable names of rock bands for me has been ‘Pearl Jam’. There’s a name that really sticks. I did not know for ages what it actually means. ‘Pearl Jam’ is a synonym for cum, sperm, jizz, semen, etc… I don’t think they expected the level of fame they have achieved either. They were huge in the 90’s and I still dig their music today. Eddie Vedder is exceptionally talented, although he does tend to mumble a bit. I came across this ‘translation’ of their song ‘Even Flow’ today. Anyone familiar with ‘Pearl Jam’ will find this fucking HILLARIOUS!!!

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