Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Indian Vibes – Photo Shop Brushes

Making Photoshop brushes is my latest kick, and being as obsessive as I am, I spent last night designing a set of 28 brushes entitled Indian Vibes. The Indian Vibes collection of Photoshop brushes a variety of Indian style decorative designs, some minimalist Ganesha clips, and a decent range of borders and corner clips. I am particularly proud of this set because they required more work and creativity on my part. The basic images I started with were obtained from the net and from some stuff I scanned. Then to make the borders I had to resize, crop, and adjust the images, which was pretty tedious work. I could have kept working on this collection of brushes but I am always too eager to start using them and upload them. This set is ideal for designing wedding invitations of prettying up flyers for Indian themed events. So I don't know how long this bug will last for me but I am going to try and stay of Photoshop for a while. Hopefully I can get back to it next week with better ideas and even more detailed and unique brushes. Click here to download the Indian Vibe Photoshop Brushes and if you do use them please share your work and link back to Indo Dreamin.

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