Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kou Kou – Duck in Chilly Paste

Today one of my staff offered me a snack. It was about 12.30 pm at the time so I figured why not. She told me it was duck but I have never tried preserved duck like this before. In this bulk pack of 20 sachets you would be more likely to see peanuts or biscuits. Normally I would not try preserved duck but I did not want to offend her.

Each sachet is in sort of vacuum packed with what appears to be one piece of duck in it. Normally I would not try preserved duck but I did not want to offend her. Plus I did not understand a single word on the packaging so I was pretty much taking her word for what this is. The sachet was just a little bit sticky which put me off just a little bit but I decided to go for it anyways.

Once I ripped the perforated top of the packaging off I saw this piece of dark duck meat well coated in a chilly sauce. The entire piece was made up of a few smaller pieces that collectively made up about 3 small bites. It was good there were bunch of small pieces because that insured every bite was well infused with the marinade.

Kou Kou Duck in Chilly paste was actually quite a savory snack in the afternoon. I don’t usually have lunch but chomping on one of these really opened up my appetite. It was actually quite spicy and flavorful. The meat is kind of like a fresh beef jerky but not se chewy. The flavor of the meat was a bit strong. The first piece I had was great but then I had to go and have 2 more and the meat tasted too meaty and I felt a bit sick… Once again too much of a good thing fucked it up for me.

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