Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pop Brushes – Out of Asia

I am not sure how many of you have been following my recent discovery and examination of custom brushes for Photo Shop. I have always enjoyed tinkering with software, be it Corel, Photo Shop, Macromedia Flash, or Net Objects Fusion. With loads of time on my hands after work and on the weekends I had been looking for something to while away my time with and once I discovered the treasure trove of custom brushes on Brusheezy, I have had a blast playing with them and creating digital collages. I will admit that this addictive pastime has even eaten into my working hours. It would be all good if I was a graphic designer or even a promoter of sorts where I could make use of these designs commercially. But I cant, and that has not stopped me from blowing my time messing around with custom brushes. So much so that I have now even figured out how to make my own brushes and I just completed my first set of 16 brushes. They are not really a proper set because I have not stuck with a general theme, I was mostly just messing with pictures I already have on file. So I have aptly named this set Pop Brushes – Out of Asia. There are a few brushes of Guangzhou cityscapes, a couple from GWK in Bali, and just some other random pop culture shit, and of course a signature. If you are into design and using Photo Shop, these brushes are really easy to incorporate. Here is a detailed walkthrough. This is only my first set, just getting the hang of making brushes. I hope to upload more of these in the near future so if you do use these let me know what you think. If there is any advice you can offer I am all ears as well.

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