Monday, July 30, 2007

Letterman is a Prick

As much as some of us might like to believe that the world is like a pretty rainbow and we meander between all the pretty shades of color, the hard and fast truth is that it is not. The world is divided into people who prefer Motorcycles over Cars, McDonalds over Burger King, Dominoes over Pizza Hut, Pepsi over Coke, Dogs over Cats, Devil over God, etc. There is Black and White and a thin Red line between it. On one side of this red line stands David Letterman, and on the other Jay Leno. There have been numerous occasions upon which I have found myself debating the lesser evil of the 2, and I came across a video clip recently that has sealed my verdict. Letterman is a fucking knob.

In this interview with Marilyn Manson, Letterman acts like a complete and utter tool. As the host of HIS OWN show he has agreed for Manson to come on and then proceeds to interview him in the most condescending and distasteful manner. I dont particularly love Manson either, in fact I dont really listen to his music at all but dude, this is just a bad interview. So compared to Jay, I would say Letterman sucks. There is a whole East Coast West Coast rivalry intertwined in this comparison as well. Some people say it is the Leno/Letterman paradox that actually led to Tupac being shot in NYC and the war between Bad Boy Records and Tupac that followed. I was actually the Kings of Late Night that were pushing the buttons man, and we all know how that ended! Tupac and Biggie are dead. So where do you stand? As for me, Im with Conan.

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