Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Bachelor: Paris

So I admit it. I have been watching The Bachelor Paris on and off for the last month or two. This season is probably over a year old and I do not really follow the show but it comes up on cable TV here so every now and then I would watch a few minutes of it. Then minutes became entire episodes until I would actually look forward to subsequent episodes and recaps. Now I would not say that I got into this show as I religiously did with The Apprentice and Heroes when they first came out. But I definitely got sucked in to The Bachelor Paris. The 8th Season featured a young doctor type who they say works in an ER. So they kept calling him a doctor but for all we know he could be the guy who washes the tools. But in all fairness he is a good looking chap and a fairly decent fellow, judging from what the editors let on.

So basically he gets to date a bunch of chicks, 12 I think, and every week he sends one home until he finds the woman of his dreams. Now right from the get go I can see so much that is wrong with this show. First of all what kind of women are willing to fight for one guy who they have never met before with 11 other girls. Then once they are in the running and they figure they actually do LIKE this fellow, they have to deal with sharing him with the other girls, day after day, night after night. These are the kind of chicks that belong in some Saudi Sheiks harem I tell you. It was mind blowing the way this guy was actually dating all these girls, making out with each of them at different times, and yes even on occasion pounding some ass! In any normal situation this so called doctor would be called a PIMP, a PLAYER, and even a HUSTLER.

I did not really watch the bulk of the show but I did catch the final few episodes where he visits 4 girls and their families in her home town. Until this point it was as if the arrangement was totally normal, apart from the occasion chick mentioning how hard it was to share the doctor. Some of the families were obviously confused by how this could possibly lead to a healthy relationship and some of them just barely voiced that concern. Once again we are only able to see what the editors show us but I cant imagine a half sane father letting this 12 timing son of a bitch in to have dinner with his family. Knowing that his daughter might be the next one to get cut!

So last night (more than a year ago in real time) Travis, the ER doctor, had to make a final choice between Moana, a Cali girl, and Sarah, some Nashville school teacher. From what I had seen on the show, Sarah was real straight cut and the type you could take home to Mom and Dad, whereas Moana was deep, passionate, and in my opinion the realest chick on the show. My feelings aside, he was down to these 2 girls and on the night before he had to make his choice he actually spent time with both of them. Between clips of him complaining about how he does not want to hurt the girl he is sending home, and how he is so confident he has chosen the right girl, he is still busy making out with both of them. What the fuck is that about? If you really like one then logically would you not be cheating on her by messing with the other one? And the next day he could possibly propose to one of them? Am I the only one who sees the absolute insanity in this? Which woman in her right mind could possibly agree to marry a man who you know was with another woman the night before? Professing how much he loved her but not as much as he loves you obviously. And what makes it even more stupid is that I was watching it!

Travis chose Sarah, which surprised the hell out of me. She seemed like a really ditzy chick that was quite superficial about the whole thing as opposed to Moana who was skeptical at first. In the beginning Moana was the only girl who did not fall in love with the ER doctor at first sight but gradually got into him. I thought she really had something deep with him and so did she. When he bounced her I thought it was a joke, but it was real. And she kept her cool as she got into the limo and left. Then she broke down. The show took a turn from comical to sadistic very quickly. I had to turn my TV off. The last thing I hear her say was something like I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest, which she just barely managed to squeeze out between sobs. It was fucking agonizing. Why would people want to watch this? I don’t know where these people are now or what the fuck they doing. I can imagine that the whole scenario we saw on TV was just one version of the truth and there a probably many more floating out there on the web. I was happy to know that Moana did not slit her wrists because after that experience I might have. You can check out her site here. She had her 15 minutes of fame and I hope she is cashing in on it. It is moments like this on television that make me want to kick the screen in and set my TV on fire. KYTV!

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