Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Look Out Pixar

Sitting behind a desk all day and spending as much time as I do on the computer, I cant possibly keep my mind on work ONLY. As some of you might know I have been using my spare time to develop some web building skills as well as fidget with new soft ware. I recently picked up the new Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3) that has an awesome bunch of programs on it. Apart from the Photoshop package which I use for creating stuff to look at and making PNG Brushes, it also contains a full Acrobat package which allows me to create and modify PDF files. This is actually pretty cool and I can adapt it to my work so I am dicking around as much it may seem. The coolest program however, which is something I was itching to get my hands on would have to be Flash. I used to play around with Flash back in 2000 and I got pretty good at it too. I was curious to see how much it has changes since then. And man, it has changes. I got to start learning everything over from scratch and I don’t even know where to start. So I have been having a blast making the brushes and I store them over on my website Indo Dreamin, but I want to start applying some of that stuff to video. I am slowly figuring out that I can bring video clips into Flash and throw in animation on them that I create myself which is pretty phat. Plus I got Ulead 11 to mess around and edit video with. Putting these programs together I should be able to come up with some fun stuff. All that I am really lacking now is some footage to work with. So this is just my first attempt at messing with video. It is all done on Ulead which is a fairly simple program. I have made some headway working with video on Flash and the software is a lot more liberating but way more difficult to utilize. I also have some Pinnacle software that I have not even tapped in to yet. Look out for new projects on Indo Dreamin.

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