Monday, September 17, 2007

20's Cricket and I am Clumsy

I am not the most graceful person; as a matter of fact I am actually pretty clumsy. Saturday morning, after a night of some heavy drinking at the local pub, as I was walking to work I stepped into a ditch. It was just a shallow ditch but all my weight fell onto one foot and my ankle just gave way. First I just lost my balance then I heard a RRRRIIIIPPP!! It was fucking nasty and I was in agony. Seriously I could have screamed out in pain. I managed to fall into a taxi and massage my foot as I headed to the office and by the time I got to my desk, only 10 minutes later my ankle was the size of a tennis ball. So I got to spend the weekend on the couch asking people to get stuff for me and I even ordered some pizza in while I watched movies. Right now I am still in pain but I think it is getting better. There is no way I am going to a hospital. And the yellow stuff on my foot is some local cream I picked up at the drugstore. No more analgesics for me anymore dude.

On Friday night I managed to catch a cricket game between India and Pakistan. They have started this new version of cricket that plays each team for 20 overs as opposed to 50 in one day cricket. Most people find one day cricket too long and uneventful so I am presuming the viewership has been on the dive. So to boost ratings and bring some flair back to the sport they have introduced this 20 over cricket that is faster and promises more action as players take more daring shots in order to achieve the highest score as fast as possible. As exciting as that might sound for some, it really did not do it for me. The reason I enjoy cricket in the first place is because it is a calculative game that requires serious endurance. By making the game shorted and faster I feel they are taking away from the true nature of the sport and in the long run the culture and sophistication of cricket will suffer. In between overs in a classic cricket game the commentators would usually discuss strategy or wear and tear of the ball and pitch and how these factor into the results of the game. In the 20’s game they had cheerleaders!!! Real live cheerleaders like the ones you see on basketball and American football games. That shit just does not fly man. What is this world coming to? Have we got absolutely NO attention span left? And with the sports and entertainment associations giving into this mindlessness they are just insuring that future generations will be more stupid. In any case the game ended quite dramatically in a tie but it was just too damn short. I missed getting to see players find their stride and ride it through. I do not really see myself getting excited about this new version of critic though I am sure it will do a lot for the commercial side of the sport and its players.

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