Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ad Frenzy

I am a sucker for great advertizing. I love when I see an ad in a magazine or on TV that just makes me stop in my tracks and say what the fuck. If I were a more creative person, advertising is a field I would have loved to get involved in. I prefer print ads to television ads. I think it is extremely challenging to say as much as possible or convey the entire philosophy of your company or product with just a simple image. This image here blows my mind. It is an ad by Honda calling for consumers to use only original Honda spare parts as opposed to generic brands. This picture does not have anything to do with auto mechanics or cars, but I love the image. It is so raw. In this approach I am not sure how effective or informative the ad is. I mean it does not say what would happen if you use fake parts. How could one tactfully express that with an image? But if I was thumbing through a magazine there is no way that I could breeze past this image. It would surly make me stop and stare for a minute and therefore see what the hell this ad is about. A few simple words sum up what Honda is trying to say. They got my attention.

This advertisement for Eukanuba Dog Food is just hilarious. What is it about the image of this turtle wanting to be a dog that just cracks me up? The ad suggests that the dog food is so damn good that all other animals want to be dogs now. They could have used any other animal for this scene but the fact that they used a turtle is so damn clever. I think it might have been pretty cool if they showed a human trying to be the pet or eat the food, but there might be some legal issues there.

Leave it to the folks at Durex to come up with the cockiest, tongue in cheek ads. It must me a massive challenge to come up with a visual ad for sexual lubricant that could be printed in commercial magazines like Rolling Stone or Cosmopolitan. They are basically selling anal sex which is still illegal in some countries and states. And they do that simply by saying ‘enjoy the other side’. You gotta love the balls on these guys. If they picked up some royalties off Star Wars they could do a whole series of ads about the other side with Darth Vader as a spokes person.

HUMO Magazine is a Belgian publication, and unfortunately I do not know what the hell it is about but this ad is another one that just threw my mind off its axis. I think it is a really bold and courageous move to put Hitler on any product you are product you are trying to market, unless it is to the White Supremacists of course. This ad suggests that the publication in question is edgy and probably controversial. But again I also just like the idea of combining Bob Marley and Hitler into one person, probably the most and most hated people I could think of.

I think I spend way too much time thinking about shit like this. The ads featured above are probably some you have never seen before. You can check out the full collection of 50 ads that you have probably never seen in print before right here.

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