Thursday, September 06, 2007

Babe of the Week - Josie Zilli

Name: Josie Zilli
DOB: November 8th, 1978

Josie Zilli is proving to be a very difficult model to pick up any information on. By most accounts she is a Brazilian and by others she was born and raised in America. While some sources credit here with staring in films like 'Young and Confused' which I have never heard of, others also state that she has been featured on the popular day time soap 'As the World Turns'. Again I have found no evidence of this. In fact there is no reliable source that can plug this chink into any feature film or English television production. But one thing I can say for damn sure is that she is FINE and this whole mystery that surrounds her makes her all the more appealing to me. Josie Zilli at first glance has not got the features of a drop dead gorgeous international model but rather extenuates simple beauty, the best kind in my opinion. She is not decked out in layers of makeup nor do her pictures appear to have gone through hours of Photoshoping. It has also proven to be quite difficult to find photographs of Josie online but I did manage to scoop this short video clip of her photo shoot. Now if I could only find these pictures. Don’t bother looking on Bella Club, I already tried. The search to find the REAL Josie Zilli has taken up the better part of my day already.

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