Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Babe of the Week – Keyra Augustina

Name: Keyra Augustina
DOB: Unknown

Here is another little mystifying angel for you. Keyra Augustina is an Argentinean doll who sky rocketed to fame after posting some voyeur pictures of her buttocks online. She was quickly picked up by some amateur porn site called Super Tangas that features voyeuristic pictures of female posteriors. Its actually pretty cool. Since then she has gone on to pose for Maxim Magazine in Argentina and then in the US for the same publication, but none of the shoots featured her face or real name. There are numerous rumors floating around the web that she is some bad ass Generals daughter or the illegitimate child of some Latino soap star. Either way I did manage to find a few face shots of Keyra Augustina. Most people however would not be interested to see Keyras face as she has been accused of having the Worlds Sexiest Ass by numerous men, including the obnoxious American DJ Howard Stern. In fact she has such a vast online presence that I am shocked I have not heard of her till now. Unfortunately there are very few high quality still pictures of Keyra and her assets available on the internet but she has released more than her fair share of video clips. Apparently Keyra has been offered modeling gigs by publications such as Playboy and GQ but to her admirers disenchantment has rejected all tenders. You got to admire a girl with integrity. The emergence of this new ASS on the scene has begging me to ask, who has a better ass, Kim Kardashian or Keyra Augustina?

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