Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Every Kind of People

I try to be as non-judgmental as possible but in all honesty I find it quite difficult. I must see at least 10 situations a day where I stop and think to myself ‘you dumb fuck’ or ‘what the hell are you thinking’. It is common human nature to compare and to make relative evaluations, because unless you have something to hold up in the light to identify as being stupid how could you possibly recognize subjects that are clever. I also believe a person’s sexual drive, passion, or sexual preferences exist in the core of their being. It is primal. An individual really has no say in what makes them randy, they are completely at the mercy of their desires. In many cases people spend the majority of their lives suppressing these desires which only result in the manifestation of even more awkward fetishes. Whether a person should suppress strange fetishes or strive to satisfy their every yearning is not really something I care to elaborate on. But as for the fetishes themselves, the more I learn the more I feel that there is just not enough time for me in this life to understand them. I have pondered the foundation of Masochism while reading Venus in Furs and contemplated the source of foot fetishes, but nothing could have prepared me for the Sleeping Beauties. Now I mean this in the most non-judgmental way, WHAT THE FUCK!!??

Here is a group of guys that get off by carrying women in an unconscious state from one location to another. People who enjoy this fetish are apparently only just beginning themselves to question and understand the true nature of their desires. It could be the fact that they grew up listening to fairytales and watching cartoons where the prince would rescue an unconscious damsel in distress. Or it could even be the nature of film in the early 50’s where heroes like Bogart and McQueen would stand as prominent figures rescuing their gorgeous counterparts. Irrelative of the seed, Sleeping Beauty connoisseurs or ‘Carriers’ as I now call them, have nurtured fruits of their own, bringing to the silver screen modern day classics like ‘Home Alone’ and ‘The Salesman’. All these films feature hot young models in fully scripted scenes where they somehow end up asleep or unconscious being hauled around my men. From what I can tell so far these productions are pretty kosher too. The women, although dressed in revealing clothing and flashing panties every once in a while, seem to keep their bits in bobbles under wraps throughout the film. Where as in normal porn the actors would add spice to a scene by switching positions from missionary to doggy then to 69, the actors in Carrier films do the same by altering the way in which they carry the women from over the shoulder to across their arms for example. It is actually extremely exciting. Not. Check out a few clips below from the feature ‘Who Is The Boss’ where Allens evil brother Hector pretends to be Allen and takes advantage of his 2 female workers by hypnotically putting them to sleep and transporting them around the house. It appears that Hector gives one of them a massage while she is fully clothed and even seems to be satisfying some foot fetish too. There is even a scene that takes place in a Jacuzzi where the girls don’t even get fully undressed. But who cares as long as they pass out and Hector can carry them around right!

They say ‘Truth is Stranger than Fiction’ and in moments like this I could not agree more. I could not make shit like this up even if I wanted too. And as strange as I think a Sleeping Fetish is, I can still understand it. These folks are not into narcolepsy or kidnapping and rape scenes where women are forced and tricked into sex. This fetish seems fairly innocent, feeding the desire some men might have to play the protector in a relationship. The Alpha Male. In this day and age where women rightfully command more respect and play dominating roles on film and in real life, I can understand how some men feel the need to be a Carrier. I doubt I will be trying to lift any women from one place to another while they are asleep any time soon, but to each his/her own if this is what it takes for you to get off, CARRY on with it.

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