Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Babe of the Week – Sara Tommasi

Name: Sara Tommasi
DOB: 9th June, 1981

This Italian bombshell burst on to the scene when she became a finalist in the Miss Italy pageant of 1998, at the tender age of seventeen. Not only does she have the looks but she also went on to graduate from University with a degree in Economics and Financial Markets. I really give it up for girls who have doors opened for them by their good looks at a young age but still opt to complete their education before perusing careers in modeling or acting. After all you gotta have something to fall back on when the gorgeous looks melt away. But for now, those looks are going nowhere. Although she may not have the worlds most perfect ass or the most watched sex tape on the internet, Sara Tomassi has the face that any robust heterosexual male (or lusty lesbian female for that matter) would die for.To me her features sit on that thin gray line between pure innocence and raw sexual lust. I honestly think I would take a bullet for this bird. Sara has taken some flak for dating footballer Valon Behrami aka Pippo but I think that is just the sexual nature of society that still wants to paint a scarlet letter on any chick that seems to be enjoying herself. In my opinion, there is no virtue in virginity. As beautiful as Sara’s face is, her dancing is hideous. After watching this video I was a bit scared but not turned off. This imperfection makes her a bit more real and attractive. In a ‘There’s Something About Mary’ sort of way.

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