Monday, September 24, 2007

Sexy 3D Optical Mouse

This weekend I linked up with my buddy Wang for a bit of lunch. He had just come into town from some small gift market. They have these markets all over Guangzhou. Having gone shopping he did not want to show up empty handed so he picked me up this 3D Optical Mouse.

As you can see it is cast in the fashion of topless female torsos whose breasts function as the left click and right click button. There is also the scroll dial carefully positioned between her shiny tits. Anatomically they may have wanted to give the torso the real curvy womanly shape that all men love, with a smooth stomach. But function over form has left this chick with a bit of a pot belly.

The colors of the mouse are accurate and good quality. The paint does not seem to scratch away easily. Also the cable is sturdy and the USB plug quite strong. Being a plug and play device, I plugged it in and it played. The shape of the buttons takes a while to get used to. But what is really cool about them is that they move around because they are suspended in some liquid.

I cant really bring this into the office a cause I work with a bunch of women. And I don’t think they would be impressed with how much of a perv I really am. I am keeping this aside for my 'leisurely' browsing at home.

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