Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Babe of the Week – Terra Jole’

Name: Terra Jole’ aka Mini-Britney Spears
DOB: ??? 1980

It would be so damn easy to find just any girl with a cute face and ass then post her up here as the Indo Dreamin’ Babe of the Week. But I am taking this mission a step further and presenting to you the diamonds in the rough that you probably never would have come by had it not been for Indo Dreamin’. So this week to prove to you that BIG things can come in small packages, we have Ms. Terra Jole’. This little firecracker makes a living doing tribute performances of Britney Spears. They are NOT impersonations. Terra puts serious effort into her costumes and dance routines ensuring her viewers a high energy that will blow their mind. Although Mini-Britney has only been doing these tributary shows since early 2007 she has already created quite a stir in the Hollywood social scene. Even Lindsay Lohan was quoted saying she wished she had her own Mimi-Me. Isnt that just fucking precious. Pictures of Terra Jole’ are hard to come by on the internet but we have managed to dig up a video clip of one of her exhilarating performances. She may not look like Britney, which is a good thing these days I hear, but she sings pretty okay and she does not lip-sync. You do not come across shows like this every day. Here at Indo Dreamin’ we do not discriminate, we love big booty, even on little people.

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