Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Show Bar – Guangzhou

Two nights ago I attended the opening of Show Bar in Guangzhou. It is located just around the corner from China Hotel. It is probably not the kind of bar I would normally hang out at let alone consciously attend the opening of but my uncle happened to step in there for a quick drink and decided to call me up.

He was compelled to invite me to the Show Bar for a few drinks because it seemed to be completely sponsored by Jack Daniels. My reputation precedes me, and I was excited to take him up on this offer. I was literally ecstatic to see this Jack Daniels car parked outside the club. And I thought my JD embossed passport travel case with laser pointer pen was cool! This is way cooler. I love the way they advise you to drink responsibly after painting JD logos all over a car.

There was more JD merchandise all over the inside of the bar. It could have looked like Jack Daniels was just sponsoring the event but some of the memorabilia seemed to be fitted into the framework. Not only these bottles in the wall but whole panels of flooring covered with the JD logo.

Show Bar is somewhat your typical Chinese bar type deal with really loud music and dice games on every table. So what do you expect? You are in Guangzhou dude! I actually like the joint. The staff was really cool as well, they knew how to speak enough English to take various drink orders, and they knew some wikid magic tricks. The girls behind the bar were especially friendly are pretty cute as well.

Off late I have been getting served fake Jack Daniels in quite a few bars here in Guangzhou. What pisses me off more than anything is that I am actually getting used to it. The JD in Show Bar was definitely legit so I might find myself back there sooner than I expect to. And it would have nothing to do with the cute bartender. It only sucks that this place is so damn far away from where I live. You can email the Show Bar for directions. The opening night was pretty cool with some hip hop dancers and live music performances by local artists. I hope they keep uo the momentum they have started with.

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