Friday, September 21, 2007

Hooleys Pub Quiz Night

I have not posted anything about Hooleys pub yet but it has been open for a few months now. But actually they are having their grand opening tonight. It is owned and operated by 5 or 6 young expats here in Guangzhou, 2 of them the proprietors or Lucid Lounge where I used to go quite frequently. The fact that Hooleys is literally down the street from where I live means I don’t have to travel half way across the city for a pint of Kilkennys. Also they have some pretty awesome food which I sampled for the first time last night. They host some pretty cool events and keep a good mix flowing during the week with alternative bands and old school DJ’s. Last night they had a Pub Quiz Night. There was charge of 40 RMB per person but all proceeds were donated to the Habitat for Humanity Charity. Patrons were instructed to form groups of up to 4 people then the hosts belted out 3 rounds of questions separated by a speed round of one question for which the winning group won a round of shots. Overall our group came out about 3rd or 4th out of 9 teams. Not bad really.

As the night progressed we drank a little, then we drank a little bit more, then a whole lot more. I think I am still a bit tipsy actually so unless I run out for a pint sometime this afternoon, I am going to be nursing one hell of a hangover. You gotta love a bit of mid week madness.

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