Friday, September 21, 2007

Beijing Lu get a Makeover

Beijing Lu, or Beijing Street is one of Guangzhou’s more popular attractions. Apart from being a hub for shoppers looking for great bargains it also has a fair bit of history behind it. About 10 years ago, while digging through the street for repairs, the workers came across layer upon layer of street beds dating back more than 2000 years. The city of Guangzhou was quick to capitalize on the discovery and created museum like viewing panels on the ground for visitors to view the ancient artifacts below. You can read about and see pictures of Beijing Lu in a previous post. I do not go there often but I had a friend visiting GZ so I took here down there to show here some culture. If you can call it that. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a new feature has been added to Beijing Lu, a water fountain. And it not just any run of the mill water fountain either. It shoots perfectly cylindrical shafts of water through the air creating arcs that you can actually walk under. It is really cool. I was tempted to get wet.

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