Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Freaky Fetishes

It just keeps getting stranger and stranger. I always thought I was a bit of a freak but the more unusual fetishes I come across the more I feel so damn vanilla. I thought nothing could beat the dudes that were into Sleeping Beauties, but this discovery actually does. I could rationalize how some guys might be hung up on carrying unconscious chicks around based on the influence of childhood fairytales. But what the hell makes a man lust for women in casts?!

There is actually a community of men out there that get turned on by women who are wrapped in plaster casts. And their fetishes are so focused that they have preferences for what areas are in casts, weather it is the left arm and right leg, or mid-body and both legs. Once again I ask myself, where do desires like this stem from? Did these guys fall in love with some chick at some point in their life that had a broken limb? Or is it the attraction to assist a helpless female once again? It could be the playing out of a dominatrix role by having control of a woman who is damaged. But this fetish goes way too deep for me to begin to fathom. Why would a guy want to have to girls in a single cast? That is like a bisexual fetish living within a cast fetish!

Not that I follow the cast fetish scene or anything but I have noticed over the last few years that casts have become quite decorative. When I was a kid growing up in West Africa and a friend broke a limb, they would show up in school with an ugly ass unevenly shaped light yellow piece of plaster wrapped around their arm or leg. Then over the years I saw the casts grow more even and then they actually took color. Guys wore blue casts and girls pink, and now they have printed designs too! Does that turn any of you on? I am sure these technological developments have titillated numerous cast fetishists. It must have opened so many new doors to what they could do to excite their senses. Like this chick here in a full body cast that kinds looks like lingerie. I wonder though how you get access to her goods.

Her tits, ass, and vagina seem to be encased in this solid cast. It could be that the cast fetish is actually a human piñata fetish where you gotta crack the chick open to get at the goods. That actually sounds interesting now that I come to think about it. You hang up a hot girl on a full body cast on a tree and keep swinging at her till the cast cracks open and she falls out. Whoever busted her out gets to keep her! This is a perfect bachelor party game! No, but seriously, again I say to each their own, but if anyone can enlighten me on how and why a person might be into cast fetishes I will be forever grateful. And is it just the guys who are twisted or do the chicks get into this too? This girl seems to be getting into the whole game, and at least she left some access to her goods through the cast. And what is really cool hooking up with this girl is that after you are done you can pick up a marker and totally TAG her.

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