Thursday, September 27, 2007

Make Over?

I see all these shows on TV that offer the ultimate make over. Even Oprah and Tyra get in on that whole scene doing over the top makeovers on their shows. Some of the results are really mind blowing. I see some scruffy chick that looks like my little brother go in for a haircut and buy some new threads and all of a sudden she is out of my league. This picture below is from some beauty contest about a year ago where the contestants went through every makeover known to man. Check out the larger picture here. Looking at these results I think they took a bunch of really hot chicks and gave them make UNDERS so they look scary then put them on the show and just fixed them back up. There is no way they could get a bunch of random chicks like that to look like supermodels. But you know what; I am not a hater and if they did that is fucking awesome for the chicks. I just hope the look the same in the morning cause paint does come off.

And what the fuck with Serena Williams new clothing line? ANERES… You have got to be kidding me. With all the inspiration in the world today all she could come up with for a brand name was spelling her own name backwards. That is just pathetic. I mean seriously, the girl got ass from here till last week AND she can play tennis like a muthafucka, and all she came up with was ANERES? Just because Oprah kicked ass with HARPO does not every black chick is going to make it big by spinning their name around backwards. Russell Simmons wife came up with Juicy. And thats a totally phat name. I am just utterly disappointed with the lack of creativity on Serena Williams part. NIMAERDODNI OUT!

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