Saturday, September 08, 2007

Showdown at Kruger

I visited Tsavo East in Kenya last year, but I was not so lucky as to witness something like this. Some lucky American tourists were in the right place at the right time, and managed to catch this insane piece of footage. I have seen some epic stuggles between animals on the National Geographic channel, but nothing even comes close to this encounter between a herd of buffalo and a pride of lions and even a couple of crocs!!!

I am not sure if these are wildebeests or buffalo. The later are not as aggressive. What blew my mind at first however was the tug of war between the crocs and the lions. There are actually 2 crocs tugging at the calf while the lions try and bring their kill up to the banks for a feast. I was honestly surprised the crocs did not come all the way out for a challenge. Then when the whole herd of wildebeests comes over the hill to rescue their calf I feel like an orchestra should burst into the scene playing Ode to Joy. I wonder how these buggers went back to their cronies and communicated that there was a calf in trouble and they all came around to back their hommie up. He must have been like the G of the group or something because there is no way so many animals would risk their lives for a calf that was already so severely injured. I do not think the little bastard would have lived very long but those cats sure caught one hell of a whooping, especially that one she sent for a sixer. Why the fuck could I not have seen a showdown like this on my trip to Tsavo?

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