Thursday, September 06, 2007

Koi Dragon Tattoo Video

I thought it is about time that I give the new Blogger video application a shot. I put together some of the pictures I have of my Koi Dragon Tattoo. I wish I had taken pictures in a way where I could overlap them and show a steady progression in better quality. But concidering what I had to work with and only using Ulead 11, this is is not half bad actually. The quailty gets pretty shoddy after I convert it to MPEG4 though. After putting in all the transitions the file gets pretty bulky as well. 14MB for a 1.40 minute video is rediculous. I think I could get better esults with Flash but the software is a little more complicated. I am able to make videos using flash now but I am not getting them to work the way I want. All in good time.

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