Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Acer – Aspire 5920 Series

Check out this puppy. I love the sleek black exterior. And its not heavy at all.

Once you pop the lid the cool white interior jumps right out at you. The Acer Aspire also has a camera on the top of her monitor that I am sure comes in useful for all those conference calls. Or late night MSN cyber sex sessions.

The Acer Aspire has more features than I can even keep up with. I am not too keen on the entire marketing that takes place on the keyboard panel. I already bought the fucker so why are you preaching to me?

She came with this awesome carryon bag as well. All that and more (in terms of software) for only $1,400. If you think I got ripped off let me know so I kick my computer dealers ass. I suck at bargaining.

Alas I would love to say she is mine but she is not. I picked up 2 of these beauties for a buddy of mine and will be taking her down to Brazil for him. But I am gonna give those battery packs a run for their money on that 30 hour flight.

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