Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cellar Boat Cruise – Guangzhou

The most entertaining club in Guangzhou for young foreigners right now is probably Cellars. Located not too far from the Garden Hotel, you could say it is in the commercial epicenter of Guangzhou. Bringing in talented DJ’s from around China and HK they have established themselves as the trendiest spot in town for the time being. Personally, its not really my flavor. But last Friday I followed a few friends to a monthly boat party Cellars has been organizing out on the river. I was expecting some old run down boat but the set up was actually pretty sweet. The boat was not too big but the interior which had floor to ceiling glass windows was outfitted with plush couches and a well stocked bar. The front of the boat also boasts a customized DJ booth. The part kicked off at about close to mid-night and carried on till pretty late. The boat stayed docked most of the night but at some point took us for a spin around the river. It was a pretty fun night that kicked me right off the wagon, but that was expected. What better way to start the weekend then with some binge drinking. Tomorrow I am off to Macau to catch up with some old college buddies that I have not seen in almost 10 years. If it all works out it should be one hell of a trip down memory lane.

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