Monday, December 03, 2007

Bigger is Better

Human beings for centuries have had an obsession with erecting structures things that are stronger and taller than their predecessors. The evolution of technology and the ground breaking new designs that architects come up with insure we will continue to raise the bar and shatter the logical boundaries that limit mort people’s imaginations. It is this aspect of modernization that has allowed me to embrace and appreciate the rapid development of cities like Guangzhou and Dubai, while normally I would detest them as Babylonian cesspools.

Architecture has always been a particular interest of mine and if I had half a brain it is the one profession I would most like to attempt. One of my favorite characters in literature is Howard Roark, the architect in Anne Raynd’s Fountainhead. However I detest playing the role of a responsible human being and being an architect would mean considering the welfare and comfort of hundreds of people on a daily basis. Not my cup of tea mate, but I can appreciate the work of others in the cities I visit and of course on the discovery channel.

I came across an awesome website today that features numerous buildings from all over the world. This has got to be the most comprehensive database I have ever seen. You can browse the buildings in order of height, size, by designer, by country, and many other ways. Each building is accompanied but numerous diagrams of the building and additional information about the building and the city it is in. The diagrams are all also of amazing quality. Currently most of the tallest buildings in the world are all in China. I wonder why?

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