Monday, December 03, 2007

Moday Wastage

The weekend was great. Living in China I am really beginning to appreciate Saturdays and Sundays more than usual. Unlike JKT where I am up to something or the other at least 4 times a week, here in GZ I am tied up with work and playing it straight most of the weekdays. That being said, Modays have become more of a ball breaker than usual as well. Therefore I am less inclined to work on Mondays and more interested in catching up on some good quality browsing. I found an awesome game online today with which to while my time away. I am one to really go for war games but Black Ops: Korean Conflict is worth the effort. It is a flash game that only takes moments to load but the controls are a bit more complicated then the usual up/down left/right. But going through the training level is worth it. Let me know if you get hooked. Its great for my self esteem to know that there are other people out there who are as unproductive as I am on a Monday. And another game that has got me tottally hooked is Jetman on Facebook. I just can not stop playing that fucking game!!! If you have not yet downloaded that application, DO IT! Then come challenge me.

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