Friday, December 28, 2007

Getting Busy and Absolut Disco

It has been pretty crazy this last week. Apart from the non-stop celebration of Christmas and all, things have been pretty hectic at work too. I think since last Friday I probably slept an average of 5 hours a day most of that being in day light as well. I thought I would spend the bulk of the holiday on my own working on some projects I had running around my head. But no complaints here, we have been having a fucking blast as you can see.

There was another insane boat party the launch of Absolut Disco. I don’t know if they have released this glitter ball anywhere else nut it is really fucking cool. It even has a small hook on the top of it so you can hang it up as an ornament after you are done. I got one and carried it around half the night while we jumped from club to club. I eventually made it home at 9.30am, without the bottle.

So now another weekend has crept up on me, and this is supposed to be the BIG one, leading right into the New Year’s festivities. But honestly, I am just not feeling it. I seriously need some down time to just get my head in the right place. But some many times it has happened that I plan to lay low and I end up having a massive night. I just hope that I have some will power this time. I got 3 great books at home that I am dying to get into and I have not even managed to start yet. At least the second part of my movie is taking off to a good start. I have a lot better footage from Rio to work with because I took the camera everywhere. Release date, March 2008 I hope.

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