Monday, January 07, 2008

New Years @ The Mansion

I guess it is about time to say Happy New Year 2008. I really have lost the novelty for the entire event but I guess its another good reason to go out and drink excessively. We started things of at a place called The Mansion here in Guangzhou. I had only visited there the night before and the owner told us about his party the next day. The Mansion is a fucking beautiful place with cozy rooms and a really nice garden. It is situated in a residential area in a villa. That is really unique for this city. The sad part is that they were closing down for good and the 31st was their last night of operation. So we decided to kick things off with them. About half an hour into the party as the place started to fill out my friend leaned over and asked me to check out the hot chicks in the room. I looked around but for some reason I saw no girls around apart from the ones that were with us. Not a single one! At that moment a song came on, ‘Its Raining Men, Halleluiah!’. It hit me like a stick upside the hide. We were at a full on homosexual New Year party… But it turned out to be great fun. All is well that ends well. For some reason I cant see any of the pictures when I am making my posts. Blogger sucks when you are working from China. Hope these make sense.

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