Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Le Paris Delivery & Catering – Guangzhou

Today, upon the insistence of many friends I finally tried Le Paris. I am not accustomed to taking lunch but I have to admit that the prospect of having gourmet sandwiches delivered to my doorstep did tickle my balls. Guangzhou has amazing food but most of it is Chinese and although I do love it, everyone needs a break from the norm once in a while. Plus eating meat, rice, and noodles with every meal just makes me tired. There are very few places I can think of in this city that serve up fresh salads and sandwiches. So I hit up the Le Paris website, picked out a couple of sandwiches, and called in my order. My call was well received by a polite gentleman who appeared to be of Middle Eastern decent. I am judging so based on his accent. Or he could have been French. He noted my order and address then informed me that delivery could take up to an hour. Less than one hour later a courteous deliveryman appeared in my office hold a tidy brown paper bag. Now although I do not usually get hungry when I work through the afternoon, but knowing I had lunch on the way got all roused up. And by the time the sandwiches appeared I just thrust some cash into the mans hand and marched to the conference room.

The sandwiches came wrapped in this pretty lilac buffalo paper, accompanied by 2 spare menus and some fresh napkins. Now as much as I did enjoy the presentation of the meal, I will say that this way a blatant waste of paper. I mean the people down at Le Paris must have no concern for the trees at all. No to mention their over use of promotional stickers. They used a total of 3 stickers with their company logo and phone numbers on them. I felt completely bombarded by the promotion. Their marketing team must be speed freaks or something. The French will never surprise me!

After carefully peeling away the packaging and putting it away to use for my Christmas wrapping I finally took hold of my first sandwich, the Shish Tawook. This sandwich contained chunks of marinated chicken breast infused with garlic, spices, and thin slices of grilled onion. The wrap was thin pita bread. Although flavorful and satisfying, I felt it deserved to be a bit spicier and drenched in humus. But that is probably because I am Indian. Having devoured the poor bastard in just a few minutes, I set my eyes on the next package.

The Shish Tawook was actually my own choice but the proprietor of Le Paris actually suggested for me to try the Pesto Feta Beef in Ciabatta. And I am glad I did because it was off the hook! The roasted slices of beef were perfectly grilled and the combination of pesto sauce, grilled red peppers, and feta cheese hit the spot good.

I swear every bite was melting away in my mouth. And this is not a sponsored post so I am not being paid to say this. And although I will admit that I know the owner of Le Paris personally, if I did not like the sandwich I would say so. Granted that in a more competitive environment this sandwich may not be regarded as magnificent, and the fact that I have been deprived of a good sandwich for some time now could be clouding my judgment. But I truthfully found the combination of flavors in this particular sandwich to be unique and well matched. If there are other items on menu that can shine as much as this then Le Paris have found a devout follower in me.

That being said, there are close to 50 items on their menu, including a full range of sandwiches served on an assortment of breads, soups, salads, pasta, and a few rice dishes (which I heard are quite amazing). Compared to a local lunch which would cost about 10-15 RMB, the food at Le Paris could be regarded as pricey but surly not expensive. All the items on their menu fare between 20 and 40 RMB each. The downside is that delivery charge is the taxi fare to your location. If you have a large office or other offices in your building who are ordering from Le Paris you could share the delivery cost which would make a daily order worth it. Otherwise for the laymen getting delivery everyday could prove a little costly. When you need a break from the regular grinds available in China, and you want a light meal to carry you through the afternoon, Le Paris has proven to be the best option available for gourmet meals, unless you are the type that would actually prefer fast food. You can email them or call in on 020-83581747. There are open from Mondays to Fridays, 10:00am to 2:00pm. Say you heard about them here (on Indo Dreamin) and you might get a FREE order of Babaganoush!!!

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