Thursday, December 20, 2007

What’s With the Cows?

I remember first seeing something on the news about painted cows appearing in the streets of New York some 5 or 6 years ago. The concept seemed really cool at the time with different artists painting each cow that was randomly placed around the city. The cows were all cast from the same moulds as well so the only real difference between them was the color they wore. I do not know what the hell they were supposed to signify though. They have a similar concept going on in Brazil since 2007.

I saw a couple of these cows in Singapore as well a few years ago. Again I do not know what the fuck it represents but being that it was Singapore, I thought it was lame. I do not have anything against Singaporeans, in fact I have quite a few friends there and in general they are really warm people. But I just hate the place, with a fucking passion. The only place I probably dislike more than Singapore is Dubai. They just irk me. So I came across a few cows in Rio as well. According to this little map they have them all over the city. I think that is kind of over doing it.

So I actually stopped and took pictures of these 3 monstrosities. As you can see one of them is even using a pay phone on Ipanema beach. God help us all. And why did they choose to use cows? That has got to be one of the animals that mankind could not care less about. The only reason they are even here is so we can exploit them for their milk, meat, then their hides. Aritists are cool, beef rocks, but cows are still lame.

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